You're Soldier

Poem By Bulent Karaalioglu

2020 YEAR..
You are a soldier too... Gencay
I was a soldier too Gencay
The only constant is not being recruited.

It takes time in your family
I want time
Halaoglu takes time.
Your friends want time.
In the narrow times you call time
It is the rupture of the shoelace.
There is a Gencay in the middle.

Come easy to you
One with all of us
You will have to deal
You did it.

Today each of us like sharks,
We want to get a piece from you.
He will want to take a piece from you in the army.
The watch that is currently pledged to the antique shop is your soldier time..
You are a soldier, Gencay, until you get yourself.

You went like clouds to flag flags.
You went like clouds to bring heart to heart.
You went from pen to gun like clouds.

Come back like the wind to bring heart to heart
Come back like the winds to add poetry to your poems
Return like winds from gun to pen.
More than anyone else..,
You have gotta take from this world
At least the black of the rainbow

September is in resistance not to go
My ways have pressed wide and deep
Crows perched on the telephone wires on the road
Runs under bridges
Our modern blood
And did not die without each other
Copper wounds of the core from the inside out

Call me
Years when searching was difficult
I am a soldier and I got wet in the rain

How about a hello
I said hello mom
I can't buy you a bread
I'm a soldier

My body is winter, my mind is Rain
There's being copper on a rainy day
Is there Yağmur around us?

If I can't come to my country
Just a handful of rain is enough
Rains came from the Caucasus
Let the seagulls get wet on the tiles of our house

Hello... hello!
Get far near
I am a soldier, you a soldier, the news of the soldier
Ground soldier sky soldier
Coppers are not enough but yes
Hello hello... hello

In one of the planet
I have blended modern cities in your hands
May our nights burn the candles in me
What or who is
Spoke electromagnetic on the phone

Inter-provincial copper telephone wires
I am an end of copper.
I was a soldier
On steep rocks where the clouds took their caps and ran away (*)
You are a soldier too, Gencay..
01 June 2020
September 30,1982

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