You'Re Still Here

Poem By Layla Rivera

You're still here
After everything I've done
You still wipe the tears from my eyes
After a long day, of not recognizing you once
You smile upon me, when I'm swimming in my shame
Saying 'My Beloved, oh how I love thee'
You sing to me on nights that tamper with my soul
When the silence screams at me
Pushing me to let go
I force you away but you only pull me in closer
Like a father, a mother, a lover
I have crucified you daily with my bitter remarks
And still, I feel you wrap me in your arms
Saying 'There's something about you, that I can't just walk away'
And I ask you what it is and you smile like you couldn't wait to say...
' I thought you wouldn't ask, I've been wanting to tell you for some time,
I know you love it when I call you my beloved, well you've been my beloved for quite a while.
You're smile reminds me of the stars, that I created long ago, I wait all day to see if you would speak to me and when you do, I put everything else to the side, I don't want to let these moments go
I can feel you far away from me, but darling I know your heart
I know you still want me there even when you yell at me for things falling apart
I'll never walk away, I'll never leave your side
I've promised you this, and I'm not like the others
I don't lie
So if you must ask why I am still here
I don't have to be, but I wanna be
You don't have to fear
You're perfect in my eyes, with all the things that you call flaws,
You're amazing in everyway, you're my child, you're my all
And I promise, that every time we speak
It'll just be me and you
I'll put everything on hold to make sure I see you through
I hope this helps
I hope you see my love will always stay the same
So give me you're rusty heart I'll light it up once again, Ill be the flame'

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Yes, it has touched me. Loved this poem.

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