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You'Re The Angel, I'M The Punishment
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You'Re The Angel, I'M The Punishment

Encased in your feelings for me
I deal out your punishment,
However much pain there may be
I can never let this subside.
Will you get me or won't you?
Can I abide
You cheating lies?

Comfort is a downwards slope
Easing me into quick retirement,
To give you me as you're used to is a mission
That doesn't bare thinking about.

Could it be that you left it too late?
Everything just far too late.
You said that words that trigger my hate?
That you gave her priority over me,
For what reason I'll never understand.

For now its all about you,
You're ready to crawl out of your selfish hole,
To spare me the time of day
As I have, always for you.

I waited till dawn
Broke the early morning clouds,
I waited for you till my heart could bleed no longer.
Now you're here, but dawn is night,
Your whole entirety cannot put this right.

I'll never understand why you did what you did,
Why you needed to make her happy
As you sat back and watched me cry,
Time after time.
So here’s my punishment “angel”...

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