You'Re The Best Dad I'Ve Ever Had

Happy Father's Day,
What do you want? '

I just stopped by,
To wish you...
A Happy Father's Day.

What's wrong with your car? '

Can't I just stop by,
To say hello and see how you are doing?

What do you need?
Gas money?
Who is that in the car with you? '

Just a few friends.
And we are going to spend the entire day,
Paying our respects.

Here's twenty dollars.
How much did you all collect,
So far? '


'Well? '

Can you make that thirty?
The rest of them could only collect ten.
And we are going to the movies.
You wont believe what they are charging today.
You want to come along with us?


You know you wont like hanging with us.

Take fourty.
And thank you for your thoughts.'

You're the 'best' dad I've ever had.

'I'm the only dad you've ever had.
So get out of here.'

Why you actin' all ungrateful?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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