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You'Re The Buried Secret

everytime i look at you
you give me butterflies
i really need to cry
but i don't want
my tears to dry
coz i'll be missing them someday
you're a secret i can't tell
i guess i'll bury you with me
till the end
till the day i die
sometimes i really wanna scream
and shout out loud
that i love you
but it will never make sense
to anyone even you
so remaining silent
is the solution
to keep you close
can you tell me the reason
why does my heart beat so fast
when i'm around you
i hope this feeling will someday vanish
because i want to move on
with following my dream
i don't want to think about love
coz i'm still young and free
i think i only had this feeling
coz i felt lonlier than ever
and i know that
loving you is not a way out
but it is a miracle of life.

by Zubaida Boland

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