You'Re Thinking Of Me

How can I stay in your mind,
And drench myself with longing?
How can I do this,
When it seems of late...
You have no time for me.

I remember when I could barely finish,
A completed sentence.
And there you were,
Anticipating my next breath.
And now your absence leads me to believe,
You have found someone else to pest.

I 'know' you did not say that? '

The fresh air!
Isn't it sweet?

Did you say I was a pest? '

Have you notice the quietness,
Just before dawn?
And when the Sun makes its appearance,
There is such welcomed activity.
Don't you agree?

'You called me a pest?
Is that what you think of me? '

You're thinking of 'me'.
And that's all that matters.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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nice and penned well........................