You'Re Too Funny

I'll make you a deal!
How does that sound?
This is what I will and can do for you...
As you keep trying to find ways,
To compare your life to mine.
I will do the best I can,
Not to find you completely ridiculous!

Although what I can not do...
Is to sit with my lips sealed,
As I watch you make efforts
To prove your endeavors...
Will make a difference or make any sense.
I have to admit,
What you are doing is totally hilarious.

How come you didn't warn me?
You're too funny!
You ever try your hand at stand up comedy?

Go over that part again.
That part about how you and your family,
Spent years living in a cubicle of an apartment.
And for eights years,
You and your mother, father AND sister slept...
On one mattress?

That's precious.
That is just too precious.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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