HZK ( / Karachi, Pakistan)

You'Re Wrong

I've come a long way
Being stressful night and day
Life has been to me an odyssey
If you think you'd live here in serenity
You're wrong

Though I've been stoic, I had strangled sighs
The truth now clearly speaks of your lies
Under false pretences, you can't hide facts
You think no one notices your surreptitious acts
You're wrong

Of my deeds and yours, time is the witness
Time is evidential, and won't give forgiveness
A hedonist you are, you think you're astute
With insularity you seek success, time will confute
You're wrong

Your predilection for glass will not make it diamond
No one will intercede once the nemesis has beckoned
If you're a viper, morals are not merely quixotic
You hope to trick everyone by your sordid rhetoric
You're wrong

Chasing the world I became intrepid
But always found its mien tepid
In the path of virtues, the world I tried to propel
Now that my voice has hardened, myself I tell
You're wrong

If you'd ever have a scintilla of good, I am irresolute
But I'd never submit to your meretricious preferences, it's absolute
After all the wrongs you did to me and the cheats I've seen you do
Still you have the illusion that I'll be with you
You're wrong

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From this doo ajar I see a firm earth waiting to break free from garb of thin transient ice.