You Remain You

Wherever you go, whatever you do,
However changes distort your face,
You do remain you at your core,
That is you are, your true nature;
Thunders roar, lightenings strike,
Wild gales may sweep over Earth,
Rains that pour may drench its floor,
But remains itself irrespective of all,
That is the true nature of every soul.

Tall tides sweep you out of foot hold,
Carries up and down in rapid turns,
Strong winds raise to dizzy heights
And let you down to steep free fall,
Knocks from around breach sheaths
And expose entrails to utter shocks;
Soaked in tears, drenched in blood,
Wasted in sweats of efforts to protect,
But, you remain you in spite of it all.

You spare no efforts to protect hold,
You fight like hell to rise from fall,
And dig deep to guard your roots,
But nothing help in the tumult around;
Wild fires catch and wilt your soul,
Floor you stand breach to suck you in,
And you find stuck in den of lions
To be torn to shreds alive in pain,
But, you remain you in spite of it all.

You remain you, crystal clean diamond
Of infinite glow and cosmic strength,
Where none can reach but you, yourself,
Where no strains from outside ever reach;
Upheavals do shatter the sheaths around,
But does stop short of reaching diamond,
Its glow blind folds the intruding world,
Its strength rebounds whatever inflicts,
And you remain you, whatever you hurts.

by Praveen Kumar in Celestial Glow

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