You Remember Me, Don'T You?

Hunger, homelessness...
Joblessness and violence,
Increasingly observed...
In neighborhoods once preserved,
To leave those believing...
In an isolated environment,
These 'realities'...
Would be prevented,
If they ignored this existence...
In places where others were forced to live,
With an intention meant...
To keep them limited wth laws passed to consent.

A truth ignored,
Has a way of knocking,
On secluded doors.
With an expectation to be welcomed,
By those who implemented...
The creation of this invention.

Remember me?
The toy gun, cowboys and indians.
Racism with criticisms.
With videos inflicting upon others woes.
While depleting my resources,
For yourselves to feed.
And then turning those innocent,
To have others perceive them...
As your enemies.
You remember me.
Don't you?

And now you wish to complain about this?
Because your lives lived have become affected?
You remember me!
I'm sure you do.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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