Tomorrow [determination To Get Success]

Tomorrow may be or may not be

Tomorrow may be tough
life's panorama goes rough

Tomorrow may be astounding
At your door, dreams screaming

Tomorrow may be nebulous
to you, May Allah Bless!

Tomorrow may be fanatical
pen is destiny, life story'd be article

Tomorrow may be magnificent
each day, gleeful and pleasant

Tomorrow may be for you, a lee
all the sorrows and worries will flee

Tomorrow may be for sheer felicity, harbinger
You've to aim your goals pulling trigger

Tomorrow may be a tree of magnolia
scattering in every moment, seducing aroma

So, Hira

Get ready for tomorrow
These rules you must follow;

Work hard day and night
with your hurdles dauntlessly, fight

Always be calm and stoic
in any matter never get frantic

Trust yourself, don't ever stagger
towards your fortune, all the time swagger

And [the most important thing]

Pay gratitude
before your lord[Allah Almighty], only bow
go to Him in weal and woe

by Hira Akhtar

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