You Respected Sir, A Ghazal In English

Do not walk in the air, you respected sir
Earth might desert you, you respected sir

Do not have wings of wax and fly high in the air
Sun will melt you wings, you respected sir

You throw stones on the neighbours' houses
Remember, you live in a glass house, you respected sir

Don't say you are pious, you always fear god
You never go to the mosque for namaaz, you respected sir

Do not be boastful of your riches day in and day out
You will be a pauper if the stocks fall, you respected sir

Do not be preaching against adultery in the church
We know you have a concubine, you respected sir

Do not be telling the world you are a genious
Your IQ score is just forty, you respected sir

Do not ever say you are above the law, Mr. President
Congress can impeach you anytime, you respected sir

Do not be saying you can catch any cat as you're a celebrity
The cat might feed your manhood to a dog, you respected sir

I mind my own business, I pray daily to my Shiva ji god
'Ravi' is a humble poet. Do not address him: 'you respected sir'

by Ravi Kopra

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