You Said

You said that you loved me,
You said that you cared,
You said that you’d listen
And always be there.

Where were you when I needed you,
When I was all alone,
When thoughts of past and pain
Were all that filled my mind.

I realise that you lied to me,
And were not worth my time,
I held my head up high
And pushed you to one side.

My problems I can deal with,
With out you by my side,
I have no need for you,
Or your stupid lies.

Leave me well alone,
And find someone who cares,
For I am lost to you,
Through your own fault not mine

by Hanna Collins

Comments (2)

I loved this better than the rest kepp it up
Hanna What emotion, what flow, 'For I am Lost To You' excellent poem keep up the good work