Child Of Poverty

It's so strange.
They speak about it.
Pizza! burgers! chicken! meat!
I don't know what 'delicious' means!
I don't know what 'over weighting' is!
I just know what 'skinny' is
Everyone calls me like this.

My food is great, wonderful!
Eating this way needs no rule
I won't eat anything instead
Here it is; water & bread!

Last night doctor told my dad:
'your child needs some protein'
But dad needs his money for
Some more drug & heroin.

We were penniless, dad was sad.
Poverty made him truly mad.
Addiction came and kindness went.
Our home is a carton tent!

In fact only God can mend
My wounds with the looks he sends.
I'm the child of poverty,
Hunger is my only friend.


to all hungry children on the earth...

by Matin ...

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I loved this better than the rest kepp it up
Hanna What emotion, what flow, 'For I am Lost To You' excellent poem keep up the good work