You Said You'D Be There

Poem By David Cesefske

I was the boy with a basketball waiting for you to teach me how, you were the same dissapointment you were then the same as you are now-
I was looking for your car, whenever i heard any vehicle sound, always counting on Dad showing up, but you never came around-
I was the innocent child misssing his Dad, mourning for something he never truly had-
I was hurt, i had pain, feeling my world caveing in i felt showered with all the rain-
Too much to take, i cant stay dry, bursting in the inside on the outside id cry-
You said you'd be there, you said u cared, you never showed up this cant be repaired-
You broke my heart, you betrayed my trust-
With your broken Promises always staying true, im Pulling it together, Making it fine without you-
A simple explanation explaining why, would of helped to prevent all the tears that were cried-
But im here now dad, im not alone, im 21 now and im completely grown-
Im a man youll never be, living sucess you'll never see, got a future with a family, found God now i am complete-

Comments about You Said You'D Be There

I was the innocent child misssing his Dad, mourning for something he never truly had- Very sensitive piece.....David....somehow i feel the wait never hopes against hope..... you will be complete only when he turns up......but wish you all the happiness ahead irrespective of him. do read IF by Rudyard Kipling right now....please Chhavi

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