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You Said You Really Loved Me

You said you really loved me.
You made me think you cared.
I walked around every day,
Wishing you were there.

But now I know what happened,
And it kills me just to think
Of how our love just disappeared
While you didn't even blink.

I know it shouldn't bother me.
I know I shouldn't care.
But I can't manage even one second,
Pretending you aren't there.

I pass you in the hallway,
Or sit next to you in class.
It really doesn't help at all
When I try to forget the past.

But now I have one thing
I really want to say:
You may think it's all a game,
But it's a game that I won't play.

by Melissa Hornback

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great poem. i can relate to it VERY well...