You Say

you say collaboration
i say procrastination
you say let's speak
i say next week
you say work together
i say how's the weather
you say make the time
i say that's a crime
you say let me help
i say let me yelp
you say it can be easy
i say it makes me queasy
you say let's make art
i say lonely heart
you say keep it growing
i say it's slowly going
you say we've got it made
i say it's bound to fade
you say don't give up
i say it's broken up
you say let's work on this
i say give it a miss
you say can't you see it
i say i can't be it
you say my music's great
i say it's far too late
you say i've got greatness
i say i'm just a waitress
you say feel the power
i say is that the hour

by Brian Routh

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