You Say That I Will Never Make It

Poem By Marilyn White

I got news for you
Looks who’s drowning
Themselves in life taking it all in
There nothing to see or do
But watch the time on the clock
Pass you by day in and day out
Thinking each day is going to change
Really it stays the same
I am the only that changes
Every other second my direction
I need change pace
Something that will understand
I know you are out there somewhere
I have to find you
You know you need me to
When I say I am going to leave
You think I am always here to stay
One day you’re going to find me gone
But you won’t care if I go
Right now I don’t care
The joy you say you bring
Is only a day wasted
Sitting here in sadness
Look for the way out
I see it I can’t reach it
I am going to jump and
See if I can make it
Then we will see who
Is laughing now
I have wings to fly
Not a pride that sinks you
When you look at me
You think I am the same
I am something different
A new kind of poison
That you will never get to taste
I will watch you die
I will let you suffer
Because I feel for you
The way you never did for me
So why should bow down

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