You See The Beauty, I'Ll Take The Pain...

She cute as a button,
free as a bird.
flirty like an angel.
sweet as sugar.

I've noticed her.. since I've met her.
We grown apart..
watching the world expand in different ways..
You see the beauty..
sweetie, I'll take the pain.
I see the blood shed..
you see butterfly kisses.
I see the bloody knifes, scars deep inside..
you see the smiles, and fake lies.
I see the pain in ppl's eyes..
as you see the rainbow across the sky.
I see the shadow of death..
as you see.. Rebirth of life.
I see the terrifying truth..
as you see the beauty within the stars, of the heavens above..

I see the sunset of you and I..
as you see the horizon of dreams spead across the sky,
waiting for each and every one of those to be reached..
I will see the ones, that slowly fall from the sky.. into the deep blue sea..

You see the beauty,
sweetie, I'll take the pain.

by Dislocated Heart

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