You Set Me Free

I take the hand of my love, my friend,
As I watch him slip slowly away.
He lies there, in his creaky bronze bed,
Hour after hour, day after day.
My eyes drift over the scars on his arms,
Battle scars that will never fade.
His words take me back to the secrets we held,
The feelings we shared, the love that we made.

Everyone told me that he was troubled,
But they didn't see what I saw.
I saw a dark, handsome, generous boy,
Caught in depression's detestable maw.

You were my love, my spirit, my savior,
You were my everything, my all.
You were the reason there was courage in me,
The reason I could stand up so tall.
You brought out the best in me, every day,
You cleared my path so I could see,
That everyday was a treasure, a chest to be opened...
All I had to do, was BE!

Before you, I was closed, I couldn't believe
That there were adventures to be had...
But you opened me up, Let me go free...
I've never seen my parents so MAD! ;)

Before me, your life was a mess.
You drowned yourself in drugs, sex and cars.
We were from different worlds, You and I,
Different planets, like saturn and Mars.

You settled down, I opened up,
Everything finally balanced out,
But i was to blindly in love, to deaf to hear...
Your blackened souls troubled shout.

Now You're leaving, being stolen away,
there's nothing anyone can do.
I just want to tell you, I need you to know,
In my life, there was only you.

Is that why you left? Were you that insecure,
To think there was someone else for me?
I hope you know, as you drift away...

There was no one else.

How could I forsake the one who set me free?

by Michele Campbell

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sad. the dude sounds really troubled.