You Should Be Here Now

Please take back your words
They’re only hurting me
Please take back your gifts
They’re just like poison

How come I can’t remember
Any good times we had
How come Everytime I went
You made me feel so bad

Can’t you take my hand
And tell me it’s all right
That I don’t have to hide
That I don’t have to keep strong
That I don’t have to pretend
Can’t you make me feel
That I’m not alone
That there’s someone here for me
That it’s al right to mess up
That I don’t have to be afraid to come home

You stole my home
My faith in life
I locked my heart
Because of you

I know I should
Get over you
But you’re suppose to be
The only guy who’s always here for me


boysfriends come
and when they go
you should be here
to let me know
no matter how old I grow
I’ll always be your little girl

Now you’re alone
You hurt to many souls
Don’t count on me
To be there
Cause I’m not blind anymore


by silke m..

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