You Sing Your Own Praises

You sing your own praises as you drink your fill
Suppose you may as well do since none other will
Sing of your praises their own praises they sing
Self praise that was frowned on is now the in thing.

You sing your own praises others you may impress
When you tell them about your life's latest success
Of your job promotion and your brand new car
Only you know yourself of how marvellous you are.

You sing your own praises your own self promote
And some may even see you as one worthy of note
Self praise is back in fashion sing your own praises loud
Though some may look on you as self conceited and proud.

You sing your own praises for you may as well
Since others they have their own stories to tell
That to sing your own praises is vain some believe is not true
So you may as well give yourself credit since you feel 'tis your due.

by Francis Duggan

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