You Stole My Youth

I had been chasing you all my life
East to west, the sun moved fast
The road seemed crooked and rife
I was lost to which way I had gone must.

Oh time in many ways i saw your cunning
Yet in some waysI ignored your pleas
Like the horse's hoof, my side vision's losing
Aimlessly and unknowingly I made a mess.

You were by my side had i known it then
Like a drop of the rain or a mist on a pane
Had I heard and saw them in the mornin'
I have had walked with you down the lane.

You stole my youth as you passed me by
As I was lost to which wayI had to choose
When all the chances of living weren't a wry
Oh time had it known to me I had a choice.

RMG 01/08/2018 2: 23PM #onlifeandlovetolive

by Rommel Galicia

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