You Taught Me... Bout Pain And Love.

basic on everything i learned today,
you taught me the most bout life.

you cut me deep enough for me to say ouch.
you healed me up, by saying i love you,
without a doubt.
you took and riped my heart out, without a second thought.
lies are building up, feelings are sinking to the depth of the sea.

you criticize me, of my every move.
you kick me, when i cant feel any lower.
you say i love you, at all the wrong moments.
you messed me up, when im confused and lost.
you made me feel up in the air, so high,
then i hit the cement and well, i might as well cry.
you made my life a living hell.
you made me feel things i never felt.
you made me what i am today.

scared and afraid of love.

by Dislocated Heart

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hey justin don't feel bad its ok to hit the ground but we all have to pick ourselfs up sometime theirs always someone out thier and we don't find them unless we go through some wrongs to find the right one..jut hang on you'll find her..