Couldn'T Defeat Destiny

Flowers move by blowing wind sun beam coming all over valley
The sea coast waiting for sea waves till come and kissing lovely
Waves knocked with stone and spreading white foam places of every
The hawks fly over sky for tackle fish for quench them hungry

The devotion for strange environment make to all pleasure without hesitation
Couldn't defeat destiny it will become like the cart following circle all same to human
Without feel of destiny people s are destroying many thing could it seen
All though someone see that wonderful creative never demolish tree structure he has brain

The spring with blooming blossoms spreading fragrance every where
Every suffered delet from body and mind never change true of doctrine
The winter of very beginning turn to white color every dwelling place
The summer time and dropping leaf and flowers petal every where

Reason is lasting begin to love invisible heritage rescue from passion
The life wheel drive by strange scripture move every choices places soon
Tell to sun beaming every morning for blooming blossoms and phasing to seen
Could say god buy for people and should feel at really heaven

by inguruwattadewage pushpadewa

Comments (2)

As with ALL Emily Dickinson...this little epithet speaks for the Universal Soul. I cannot think of another poet with such an understanding of human travail! ! Such fiercely accurate accomplishment in the art of literary transcription. God, in His Gratitude...Bless Her! !
I know you are not now belong to this earth. i invite you to read my poem The Highest Degree. i am giving you full marks. you must consider me suitably. Regards.