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You Tell Me Life On You Is Hard

You tell me life on you is hard and hard times you have known
And you do have my sympathy though I've got troubles of my own
I know that life can be so trying for some 'tis uphill all of the way
But hang in there and happiness will return to you one day.

Your wife's just walked out on you for another with your school going girl and boy
Her side of the story different to your side and in that case one of you lie,
She said you used to beat her but her allegations you deny
Between you there is bitterness that's what happens when love die.

It galls you that an ex mate of your's is now living with your wife
But you've got to get over it and get on with your life
She is not the only woman in the World and she is with someone new
And if she can find another love then you can find one too.

You tell me life on you is hard your wife's gone Interstate
And with her she has taken the kids for to live with your ex best mate
But that's the way it is with life your friends of yesterday
Are now your sworn enemies and it's always been that way.

by Francis Duggan

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