You Tell That To Robert Mugabe

Don't talk to me of this life hereafter although of such you seem convinced you know
I feel we are like flowers of Spring and Summer we grow and we bloom and we go
Into the nothingness of nothing although we leave our seeds behind
Our lives only based on survival and the survival of our own kind.

You ask me to give you examples i will pick one out of many who
To insure the grip he has on power there is nothing that he would not do
The President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe is eighty and his Country is in a mess
Yet to cling to power he uses foul tactics and all of those who oppose him he oppress.

Mugabe is well educated and for his behaviour can one find an excuse
His soldiers thugs who do his bidding are guilty of human abuse
Three quarters of the population of Zimbabwe go hungry but Mugabe he does not seem to care
He only thinks of his own survival and he offers his people despair.

Don't talk to me of the hereafter of such i do not wish to hear
You tell that to Robert Mugabe an old man who still rules by fear
We only live for our own survival as we are creatures born to die
And i too live in fear of the reaper and are you any different to i?

by Francis Duggan

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day dreamers l can now see clearly why the man (RG Mugabe is hated by you, he is the only man to standup against your wishful white supremacy and tell the truth that the land regardless of what is our by birth and it rightfuly belongs to us, so stop right there to preach to us about our beloved president! in Zimbabwe we say icho, pamberi nava Mugabe!