You Tell The Whole World You'Re A Poet

You tell the whole World you're a poet yet in your poems you put down refugees
You say they all ought to be deported those from war torn Lands overseas
But poets they are fair minded people and they believe in a fair go for all
You lack in the true humanatarian feelings in your ways you are very small.

Twenty five million people are homeless and Stateless dispossessed in their own Homeland
You refer to them as the would be terrorists that I find hard to understand
Since refugees are victims of terror why do you put the innocent victims of war and terror down
As a poet you will always be minor you will never know literary renown

You support those who bomb distant Cities and the patrons of war victims you see fit to disown
You are such a small minded person true hardship you must not have known
George Crabbe and George R Sims were great poets and in their poems they spoke for the downtrod
In words you deride the Stateless and Homeless the children of the lesser god.

You tell the whole World you're a poet but in words you attack those who only wish for a better life
The people by war rendered Stateless and Homeless those who know about hunger and strife.
As a poet you might know recognition if you looked at life quite differently
But in words you attack Governments who help war victims and those in extreme poverty.

by Francis Duggan

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