You Tell Us

One half does not know how the other half live
In a World where there is far more take than there's give
And many grow poorer for every new millionaire
And you tell us life for everyone is fair.

You tell us the poor in their lot have a choice
You do seem so good for to give advice
But for others you seem to lack in empathy
You do lack in compassion it does seem to me.

It is not by choice that people of the hunger die
Or sleep on the damp ground under the open sky
You talk about choices and about those who win and lose
Yet you judge people and never walk in their shoes.

Of your right wing ideas I do not wish to hear
As your thinking is not uncommon and your feelings you make clear
There are millions who think like you in the bigger World out there
And 'twould be a better World for millions if people like you were rare.

by Francis Duggan

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