You The Reaper Of My Soul

My eyes are closed, yet I still
see through these tears, my mind
numb, yet I still sense the greatest
fears. My ears closed yet I still
hear the painful cries, my fingers
numb, yet I still feel my heart as it

My sorrows resurface as this war
within me breaks through, all the
pain taking over as I try to forget
you. Years have passed since last
I saw your face, now one glance and
the torment begins to once again
takes it's place.

I sent you on your way, to never see
you again, cast my heart out forever,
to be carried away by the winds.
Buried those memories along with
my soul, silently I screamed, as my
heart let you go.

Now once again, I face uncertain
days ahead, all this time your
memory presumed to be dead. I watch
hopelessly now, as again my soul is
ripped apart, and all I asked for,
was healing for my heart.

The pain becomes clear as the days
pass along, you will cause me grief,
you will never leave me alone.
Like the reaper of the night, you
will again steal my soul,
to keep me lifeless and miserable,
is your ultimate goal.

by Ruth warren

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