You The Reaper Won'T Ignore

Just like the flowers that bloom in Spring and Summer and die when the chill winds of Autumn blow
We bloom awhile not that unlike the flowers do and to the reaper we too doomed to go
No matter how much power at your disposal the heart in you won't beat forever more
The gold you have won't keep you with the living and you won't be one the reaper will ignore.

To the monarchs of their Country loyalty and respect their many subjects pay
But on how long they live the very privileged class like everyone else doesn't have a say
They may live to be very old for one hundred years or even
But their days numbered like all of our days and the reaper them will not ignore.

You well may be an elite athlete of Worldwide renown
And bands played and bonfires blazed and banners waved for you in your Hometown
When you raced to Olympic Gold to the most deafening roar
Enjoy your glory and your fame for you too the reaper won't ignore.

The human span is not that long the child into an adult quickly grow
And as we age time takes it's toll and we walk stiff and slow
And the longest human life not long few live beyond four score
And the wealthy and influential just like the poor the reaper will not ignore.

by Francis Duggan

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