DT (3rd January 1956 / LONDON, UK)

You, They, Anyone...

If you are the shepherd
and they, they're the flock
then I am the wolf
that howls and prowls
in the woods that are dark.

If you are the teacher
and they, they're the class
then I am the inspector
that watches and growls
in the place that makes marks.

If you are the businessman
and they, they're the staff
then I am the tax man
that checks for your tricks
in the place that demands.

If you are the landlord
and they, they're the tenants
then I am the squatter
that sits and debates
in the house that empty; deteriorates.

If you are that someone
and they, they're just anyone
then I am the one
that watches and waits
in a house that is empty; deteriorates.

If you are just any one
and they, they're one too
then I am the one
that will always be you.

by David Taylor

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