You(Things About You)

The daylight which shows a thousand pictures shines upon your face
the smoothness of life shows your evervescent grace
The poems that you write for me shows for me this much [----}
and makes me light to your touch
You rub my face a thousand times and it never gets old
the way you look in my eyes lets me see every story from the soul
This kiss has me floating from a high I can't kick
you seem to be my candle and me your ever burning wick
I know by this poem my love you can surely tell
but if not then i'm not showing you to well

by Arienne Smith

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Comments (3)

nice write Arriene, very creative and attic beauty.maxim muyu
Good poem; if you could correct the two spelling mistakes. One is effervescent... H
Excellent. I liked the web stroks reference too. :)