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You Think You Know Me

I know you think you know me
but yoy really don't.
You don't know what i am
i never won a first place prize
i don't know my dad
but when i do win its with my boyfriend
or you could say either my best guy friend.
i've been on probation since i was 13 years old
but NOBODY belives me that i am trying my hardest to change
my gardes are better and i don't skip school any longer
i am getting staights A's again
and i've been taking care of the court stuff.
I've been clean since December,
when my dad went to prison.
And right now i just turned 17 on March 22.
I love to drink R&R (acohol)
people say i am hard core
because she i NEVER use a chaser
and i jug it like as if it was pop or water
it seems like no ones because
not even my friends or family
notices how long i have been clean and sober
they keep on thinking
i am gonna keep on being a drunk
but i'm not
I am different.

by laudine warbus

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