You Too

You too can make the World to live in a far better place
And you can be an asset to your clan and your Race
If you live your life in an honourable way
In a better World to live in you can have your say.

In a Human World dominated by people of greed
Of more of environmnentally conscious people we are in need
Where the trees were cut down you won't hear songbirds sing
Human greed for development can give rise to a silent Spring.

As long as to your higher self you try to remain true
And treat all others as you would like them to treat you
And to the Earth Mother who feeds us some due respect pay
At living a good life you are doing okay.

An Olympic Gold Medal you do not have to win
For to make this World a better World for to live in
As long as you respect Nature and believe on a fair go for all
Your achievements in life cannot be seen as small.

by Francis Duggan

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