You Too Have A Life Story

That you too have a life story happens to be true
Though the one to tell your story it may well not be you
When you die you may not be well known or not wealthy but some one your life story will relate
Of how you had your good and bad days and your life we ought to celebrate
You may not die a hero at your grave the last post not played
But by those who knew you of course you will be remembered and memories of you slow to fade
We do not live forever we eventually grow old
But it will not matter post death to you if your life story in book form is never told
You live as an honorable person do your good deed every day
And to help those in need of helping often go out of your way
The day of your funeral your friends of you will say
A good person life has departed and at peace forever lay
You too have a life story that you may never tell
Of one who lives with honor and treats all others well.

by Francis Duggan

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