You Too Have A Story To Tell

Though in book form it may never be published for to sell
You too have a story of your life for to tell
Though you have never been too far beyond your hometown
You have known your good days and days when you are feeling down

You did not have to travel far for the love of your life
Your first love is now tour devoted wife
With two young school-going children of seven and nine
They are the future of your family line

You have never yearned for to travel in the big World out there
And try out your luck in a place elsewhere
But you do not have to travel beyond your home street
To find in life there is always some challenge to meet

Though where you were born and raised you are destined to grow old
And your story in book form may never be told
And though you cannot boast of a worldwide fame
You do have a story for to tell just the same.

by Francis Duggan

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