You Too Have A Story

You may only know of life in earthly hell
And by the judgmental dismissed as a never do well
But you too have a story of your life for to tell
Though it may never be published in book form for to sell
Worldwide in every village and city and town
There are many like you are who are financially down
Few very poor people do live on for to die frail and old
And their life stories post death remain as untold
Most of their stories that would definitely make a great read
Are dismissed due to the poor existence they did lead
Everyone has a life story to tell only true for to say
But there are millions of people in the World today
Whose life stories with them are destined for to die
That money speaks every language is sadly not a lie.

by Francis Duggan

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Money speaks every language. This sad but not lie. An amazing and thought provoking poem is shared here is interesting.10