You Too Like All Others

You try to save other souls from damnation though your own physical death you do fear
Though on that score you've got no worries or so 'twould appear
Since to your house of worship you often go to pray
And your god in the sky must see you as okay.

Yet in your heart remains one tiny seed of doubt
If there is no hereafter what is life about?
Since not one dead person has come back to tell
Of a World beyond our Earthly death or a heaven or hell.

You too like all others not a perfect man
Us imperfect people make for a big clan
You fight the temptation that leads us to sin
Success for the soul is so hard for to win.

Of your love for your God you so lovingly speak
And though your intentions are good the flesh can be weak
You are striving so hard to lead a sinless life
But do you not covet another man's wife?

We all have one thing in common even you and I
Some day in the future we all have to die
And when the sad funeral bell for you will toll
Your family and friends they will pray for your soul.

by Francis Duggan

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