You Tried Your Best

You tried your best to be the winner though for you it was to no avail
And though this time you were not successful of you it should not be said you did fail
For you surely gave it your best try and though this time your best not good enough
Eventually you will be successful you do not quit when the going gets tough
Your life dream you will not give up on all things come to those who do wait
Success comes to those who most need it your dream come true you will celebrate
Sometime in the not distant future you will achieve what is your due
Eventually success you will know of some dreams have been known to come true
You did congratulate the winner and you were graceful in defeat
But you are determined to do better and the next time you will not be beat
It is better to try hard and to fail than never for to try at all
For every winner there has to be losers a fact of life i do recall
You have the courage of conviction to you that's an asset indeed
And the next time you may be the winner those who do try hardest succeed.

by Francis Duggan

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Nice poem about how doing to be successful. Thank you for sharing.