You'Ve Attached Yourself To Me

You've attached yourself to me.
For purposes you choose to keep...
Discreet and secret.
And unconfessed.
As if to suggest...
Your intentions are nothing more,
Than to deceive with an intent...
I will come to disbelieve,
This is not the intention meant.

You asked how I would feel,
If from you I became detached?

You've attached yourself to me.
My peace of mind from me will not leave.
Since you had nothing to do with that!
You've attached yourself to 'me'?
And I'm too honest with myself,
Not to recognize...
Manipulations that arrive,
With lies expressed in clouded eyes.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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an interesting monologue...words very much defiant very much defending...liked the tone in this write...thanks...10