You'Ve Changed...Me!

You came to me persistently,
Over and over again...
Filled with promises,
Spelling out roses..
So many were your words,
Of love and dreams.

I’ve tried to escape,
Over and over again,
But there you were,
Right on my way,
So many were my roads,
As many as my options,
But you were the ONE
and only one I chose…

Enchanted I felt to realize,
How lost I was in love with you...
You held my heart and took all its keys,
I’ve never taken your name, but you’ve taken me.

You've made me promise to never give up on you...
You were afraid, we were young…
We were together and for that I was strong.

I fought so hard for us, but after all…
All alone, you left lost, and until now I cry,
Because my love for you refuses to die,
But you’ve changed, you’ve left me alone..
I am sorry, it hurts...but I must move on…....

by Blue Angel

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oh, yes i agree with you here, Blue Angel