You'Ve Never Been Kissed...I Want To Be First

Untouched, so precious.
They said he's never been kissed
Me dreaming
Me praying
You are the reason why
I want to be the one that you'll first kiss
Tell me why that the road between you and me are deserted and free
If only we get closer, we connect with the siloute of the wind
the leaves would blow endlessly like a dream
And I'd be your first kiss
But it would never end from there
Cause what waits is forever

There's something about you truly
So dominate secretly
The quietness you have is so beautiful
You make the rain fall look romantic

To have a kiss from a goth prince
Im just an ordinary girl
and your darkness i accidently fell into.
Its to bad you've never been kissed
I want to be the first
I want to come first

I'll die to be your first kiss

by ice johnson

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