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You Vs. Me

we're chest to chest

nose to nose

as we stand together

in this lonesome retreat

i can hear you whisper

the name goodbye

as we are dazing in tears

this glaring emotion

i can't withhold

i craved for your presence

i yearn for your magical touch

manipulating me in distance

without even a single caveat

we're hand to hand

arms to arms

as we can't stop
the protruding guilt

that necessitates

an ion of spark

left before us

undaunted by whatever

color of persuasion

symptoms of separate ways

that we tend to ignore

we're eye to eye

face to face

holding each other tight

intimidated to let go


the contusions of truth subsist

the bruises of lies prevails

its easy to spit you out

than to swallow you again

we're just here

losing our own grip

at this significant moment

of our lives



another relics

of the unswerving past

which can't be forgiven

the contingency of goodbye

for this is the

final and last stage

of the dead man's rule

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Maya Angelou

Caged Bird

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