You Walk In The Garden Of Utopia

You walk in the garden of Utopia each time you choose to visualize
The sunlight is on the leafy trees and beauty only meets your eyes
The young birds in their nests are chirping on another beautiful day
Utopia to you nearer than you realize from you one visualization away.

It is not that hard to imagine children can do it regularly
The World is different through their eyes a beautiful World they can see
They regularly visit Utopia where birds all year round nest and sing
They have the gift of imagination and that is a beautiful thing.

You walk in the garden of Utopia in a green and a beautiful place
The gift of joy is all around you a happy smile upon your face
Where worry and stress are non existent in a place that's pollution free
You just close your eyes and imagine and such beauty you too can see.

The water flows clear and transparent and in the sunlit pools of the stream
The fish in the shallows are basking their freckled skins in the sun gleam
Such a place is easy to visit just close your eyes and you are there
Far away from this World of pollution in a place of beauty free of care.

You walk in the garden of Utopia where peace, beauty and happiness abound
Where frolicsome hares in the morning in the sunlit fields race around
''Tis not very hard to imagine and so easy for to visualize
It doesn''t cost you any money you go there when you close your eyes.

by Francis Duggan

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