You Walk

You run you walk you live you beath
I wish that you were next to me
My love is gone thats what I fear
I want to be with you my dear
Im on the beach all alone
What Im thinking no one knows
My love is back and so are you
Loving each other is what we do
Here we are in the sand
Then I feel you touch my hand
Holding hands we wald the beach
We pass a girl making a speech
She runs to you to kiss your lips
Then my hands go on my hips
I walked away just like you did
That one summer when we were kids
Now youre gone with her again
You call and say can we be friends
I say no you ask me why
But I just hang up and start to cry
Years pass by and Im okay
It doesnt matter what the day
Im fine without you by my side
But when you come Ill run and hide

by Katlynne Houston

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