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You Want To Produce A Bigger Bang
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

You Want To Produce A Bigger Bang

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Great liberties have been taken,
To prove to all you are the superior race!
And I wonder...
If much of what you expose is from insecurity?
Is that the greatness you reveal?
Your ability to destruct after a build up of conflict?
That Is not top secret information!
That has been your weapon of choice.
Whenever you felt your voice needed to be heard.
Since using your mind time after time,
Produces disasterous results!
And all of this nonsense,
Has its origin based upon size and color!
You want to produce a bigger bang!
And that is what your existence means to you.
Since everything else you do...
Gives you a feeling of being out of place!
But you do know how to grab the attention.
And gain the assistance you do...
For any and all tragedies implemented!
'That' without question...
You've got going on!
Go 'head witcho bad self, Yo!
And, Yo...
You all up in the toy stores too?
Give me a high five on that one!

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Comments (2)

It's a sad commentary. But these 'lessons' become identified with an observation that has to be agreed as part of reality that is no longer considered anti-American dialogue. 'Children' are actually finding accessible information how to make bombs, where to purchase weapons, drugs, etc. With 'condons' being dispensed in elementary schools. Sounds like fantasy? Well...it ain't!
I cannot write in words what this poem means...but, I can feel the meaning, and it's a quite true premise! xxxElysabeth