You Well May Be Special

You well may be special and looked on as great
And you may be the one many do celebrate
But even those who are World renowned and at what they do World number one
If they do not retire when at the top by someone they will be outdone
The ageing champion boxer never met with defeat
Till by one younger and better he eventually was beat
Our best years go quickly fleeting our life's prime
Eventually we all become victims of time
The losers are many the winners are few
In that I'm not saying anything that is new
The gallant loser his standard may raise
But the winner as usual gets most of the praise
You may be a champion and lauded as great
Though on your reign you too have a use by date.

by Francis Duggan

Comments (2)

Yes, we all do have an expiration date on our accomplishments as well as our lives. Insightful and inspiring poem. Because of the way I write and how, being studied by scientists, I will be famous one day for the combination of the two. I just sit back and enjoy sharing my mind for the future of humanity. Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn
Time catches up with us all. An enjoyable read. Well done.