You Well May

You well may pay homage to your queen and king
But 'tis not about royalty that I wish to sing
Or the president or the celebrity or the billionaire
I sing of the battlers of the big World out there.

I sing of the people who know of poverty
The poor and the outcasts of society
Condemned to live their lives in an earthly hell
The sad stories of their lives they are not asked to tell.

I sing of the Stateless the poor refugees
Who flee their Homelands ravaged by war, hunger and disease
In the refugee camps of the World their numbers multiply
A fair go for all to them does not apply.

I sing of the people who due to the circumstance
Of their birth of success are not offered a chance
The homeless of the poor suburb of the town
They will never know of the good life or of wealth and renown.

The celebrities of the World the masses create
And the known and the famous many celebrate
But 'tis not the praises of the president, the queen or the king
That I ever sing of when I wish to sing.

by Francis Duggan

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