You Went, Know Not Wither?

On this dismal hour,
I walk in grass,
I could sense the pain,
With every foot I raise,
The grass creeps and weeps for woe,
Its long narrow leaves, your companion,
But, you have left us with disdain,
And went, know not wither?

The brooks flowing close.
Now don’t gush...
Clear and lucid,
It is creased with pain.
Thinking you left us.
And went, know not wither?

All the pretty birds whining tone.
Wait to see their winsome guy,
Till than, they abscond singing,
And enquire, you went, know not wither?

Leaves pine around being pale,
They want your tender heart in vicinity,
But, they hold anguish and ask,
You went, know not wither?

The sunbeam looses its luster.
The moonbeams hold no chilliness.
And query, you went, know not wither?

My broken heart is unanswerable,
And I obstruct my memories,
And try to forget the lasted slabs,
You went, know not wither,
Leaving all of us mourn.

by Richa Dhodi

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you know where he has gone...and where ever he is we all know he will come back soon... a poem full of longings and sincerity…