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You Were Gone
HS (1990- / Federalway Washington)

You Were Gone

I awoke in a cold sweat after a dream of us, All was well and nothing hurt,
We were together, Just like old times, We walked the mall, Went to your house,
Went to your room, To ‘watch’ a movie,
I was happy, And so were you, Or so it seemed to be,
My life was complete, My life was whole,
I fell asleep in the most peaceful way,
With your arms around me,
I felt warmth, I felt love, I wanted to stay,
And never leave your loving embrace.
I awoke in my dream, Only to feel so cold,
I found a note, signed by you, It said,
“I’m gone and you’re all alone”,
I don’t feel your love, I’m not warm anymore,
And I wish my dream to be a nightmare
As I realize just how true it was.

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