You Were My Rock That Fell Through

Poem By Eddie James

You taught me life more than death
You were there when I took my first breath
You sat with me though my deep deep pain
But no scar sat as deep as the one you fain to leave
It was you resolution that lead to this desolation
The sinking feeling that would lead to the deep feeling of devolution
The forth ward position instilled proved to be as guaranteed as your oath
From this place I taught myself the illusion of your non-existence, and faithfulness both
It was that falsehood which I convinced myself would get me through the next day, the lions share, the end
Unfortunately there is no fooling the heart, and your memory haunts me with heaviness in my chest as I try to pretend
That your strike did not cut so deep, and will not last until the bitter end
If today were the end, you win
The wound you inflicted penetrated much deeper than the skin

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